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The traditional feminist image. If you use this, you’re really lazy.

Written by editor Louise Henry

Now there’s an article for you! What a great article. It certainly is an article. Notice how I indicated the category (lifestyle and wellness) and the hashtags (template, how-to). Do the same in your own articles.

On top of it, notice how I’m using connectives and making paragraphs? That’s the stuff. Please use connectives and make paragraphs in your own work. Structure makes for a happy teacher.

What’s more, spell check is your friend. If your article contains misspellings, words that would appear with a red squiggly line under them in a word processor, then it means you didn’t take the time to use spell check. That’s lazy. Lazy doesn’t get good marks. You guys want good marks, don’t you?

Got the idea? Neat! Now to your keyboards.


Vendredi sur Mer: The new feminist singer !

Vendredi sur mer is a Swiss pop music singer, his real name is Charline Mignont and she has 22 years old. She creates her group recently: she writes songs but she does not sing them: She slams. “I write simply what touches me” says Charline. She sings, she speaks a lot, she reinvents spoken a word. His first album is “Premiers émois“. She was inspired by the sound poetry of Georges Perec’s words and the affirmation of Olympe de Gouges’ feminine self. The songs of Vendredi Sur Mer invite you to reverie, as with the title “The woman with the blue skin”. Her music is a mix between Pop and indeed. This artist is different from others because her lyrics of his music and clips video is very feminist. Furthermore, she has no taboos and reveals feminine sensuality: she exposes the current problems of society. Also, she has a sweet and sensual voice. his clips are really very aesthetic like “Les filles désirs”: It also refers to the 80s.
In her music videos, the female power and her equality in relation to men are shown: for example, the music “Les filles désir” shows us the love problems between two teenage girls. Actually, in the music “Ecoute Chérie”,
a woman is deceived by her lover and decides to do the same, it shows us its independence and it is also representative of the freedom of women. In the clip video, we can see different couples: gays, lesbians, heterosexuals… Vendredi sur mer just got into the music and she is a very tall star. You can listen to it on the radio in French in “France inter”… More she will do a concert in Paris in November 2019 in Bercy come and see us! It will please the little ones to the big ones! Aurore CUGUEN

No it’s No

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It’s the message a young singer is trying to convey to people, when women say no it’s no, men shouldn’t not insist. A lot of artist in the world engages in feminism through their songs, today we go to France and Belgium . In France, performers like Chilla a young woman who released in 17/02/2017 « Si j’étais un homme » or still Vin’s it’s a young man little well-known who released in 03/11/2018 a sound called « Metoo » in reference to the hashtag. Their sounds denounce violence against women, equality between men and women, sexism, machismo but also different aggressions. Recently, it is an Belgian artist who engages in feminism, her name is Angèle she is the author of the sentence No it’s No, she made the buzz with her last clip « Balance ton quoi » that was released in 15/04/2019. Today the clip has more than 20 million of views.

Lyrics and Clip

In the first time, we will be interested in the lyrics of the song, then we will analyze the clip and the striking images. The clip begin with the lyric “They’re all talking like animals, about all pussies there’s shit talking 2018, I don’t know what you need but I’m more than an animal I saw that rap is trending and it works better when it’s dirty Huh perhaps should we break the rules, a girl who keeps it open, that would be normal”, here, she denounces the inequality between men and women in society. She emphasizes the rappers’ raw view on women and any kind of sexist behavior that women experience. Then, there is a lyrics that comes back several times “grassed your what” it’s a reference to a hashtag created in France by a journalist Sandra Muller, for denouncing sexual assault and harassment in the workplace. We have other words like “Even if you’re talking shit about girls, I know that deep down, you understood” and “There’s no respect anymore in the street, you know it well when you’re abusing”, It means that men are aware of their gestures, if they disrespect women it is because they wanted to. Also she says “So let me sing to you going to do you humhum Yeah, I won’t do the radios Because my words are not very pretty So let me sing to you going to do yourself humhum Yeah, I’ll be polite for the TV But going to do yourself humhum”, she refrains from insulting sexist men for not showing a vulgar image. She speaks of a thought present in the society “People are whispering to me: For a pretty girl you’re not that dumb For a funny girl, you’re not that ugly”, For the society behind the beauty hides the stupidity and behind the humor the ugliness. Finally, Angèle says “One day maybe it will change”, she hopes that sexist behavior stopping.

Now we are going to evoke the striking images of the clip and the elements that compose it.the clip begins on the judgment of men in a court with Angèle judge, then Angèle is added false hair under his armpit, we then the opening of an anti-sexism academy with two women who hold cardboard weapons with writing “Empathy” and “Communication”. The clip features men running with fake breast finally the clip ends with the end of the judgment.

To accompany this song and this clip the young woman is in collaboration with Charlotte Abramow, for a collection of clothing signed Meuf x Angèle. These are polos, sweater with the message “Feminism in progress” and “anti-sexism academy” but also a toilet paper with the words “patriarchy”, “misogyny”, “machismo” and “sexism”. Finally all the benefits will be donated to two feminist associations.

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This song is a feminist ode, Angèle tries to deliver a message but gives mostly a lesson in feminism and relies on the consent indeed when a woman sleeps you must leave her alone if she does not want no one can force her. The clip is modern, it conveys the message with its striking images and is truly unique.

Written by KRZECZOWSKI Pauline

How “My Best Friend’s Wedding” ending was feminist.

George (Rupert Everett) the gay bff everybody needs.

The 1997 rom-com has become a must-to-see. Here is (mostly) why. Its ending is famous for instance. But before all of that, here’s a quick recap for the ones who don’t remember a second of the movie.

Julianne (Julia Roberts) and Michael (Dermot Mulroney) are best friends since their college years. They made a deal : if one of them is still single by their 28 candles, they would marry each other. Julianne is near from it and still single, she is desperate. That’s when Michael calls her to announce his wedding with a rich and beautiful woman Kimmy (Cameron Diaz). Julianne, having some feelings for her best friend, wants to take the ceremony down but Kimmy soon shows herself as a perfect woman and J. will have trouble to hate her.

Now obvious disclaimer of spoilers starting from here, people.

At one point of the movie, Julianne decides to confess her feelings to Micheal and kisses him just an hour before the ceremony. Unfortunately, Kimmy sees it all and runs away, obviously upset and sad. Michael runs after his fiancee and Julianne runs after him. But who runs after Julianne ? No one. That’s what her iconic gay bff George says to her.

When we all thought Julianne and Michael were endgame, we soon realize Michael really loves Kimmy and is not gonna love Julianne back.

They get back together and Julianne ends up alone after the ceremony, at the dance, in pure defeat. Here, sitting lonely at her table, not even eating her cake, broken. Then suddenly, George calls her on the big 90s phone and we realize he came at the dance and he’s coming to her table. He reassures her with his funny jokes, lifts her up from the table and makes her dance like it’s her last dance. At this moment, tables turn. Julianne realizes she doesn’t need a man to be happy, that it doesn’t matter if you are still single by the age of 30 or whatever. You can see the relief on her face as she dances and laughs out loud at George’s jokes, not caring if she doesn’t look elegant or whatsoever. That’s like a reborn for her. The movie ends up then here with “I say a little prayer (for you)”, cover which was played a lot throughout the scenes.

But, let’s not forget the movie was supposed to have another ending where Julianne finds another man to love and that would’ve crashed the whole thing. The movie wouldn’t be as famous as it is now, which proves that a good feminist ending can stay in our minds through our everyday lives and make a great movie even more iconic 20 years after its release.


Lori Lightfoot becomes the first black female, openly gay Chicago mayor

Lori Lightfoot

Lori Lightfoot was the 23 of April elected as the new mayor of Chicago. She is the first openly gay black women and democrat to succeed in the election, she doesn’t have a lot of experience in politics but she was a layer. Has a member of Chicago’s community she will be able to answer peoples demands. She has a wife and children, she is the speaking voice of a lot of minorities.

That election shows that people are ready for big changes in American society. In her campaign, she used a lot her family, people were not shocked by the fact that she is gay. In fact, it was an assurance for Chicago’s lgbt communities to be heard and represented. But also, the black community felt represented, and women felt represented. Because of Trump presidency, a lot of young diverse people decided to take part in American politics and show resistance to trump.

As a mayor she wants to include every voice of Chicago’s peapole, she wants to represent everyone. Her goals are to stop violence in some communities and help families with low incomes. This goal was very important to her also because of her childhood, her family as a child faced an incomes problem, that faced her ideas and she now wants for everyone to have the same chances from the start, equity is very important to her.

Chicago is the third biggest city in America, so the fact that a woman like Lori Lightfoot is elected as a mayor make a big change for America since the election of Trump. The 23 of April another part of Americans citizens have spoken, people that are not racist, homophobe or sexist. The part that wants real changes in Chicago for all minorities and people who suffer from poverty and lack of education. This is a big change in America’s feminist history.

Neila Mouillah-Tlili

Women in Tarantino movies

In 1992 a new director arrive in the international cinema, now he’s one of the most famous actual director his name is Quentin Tarantino. Now if we look at his filmography can we say that he’s feminist or not ? To answer at this question we will study three of his movies.

In a first time Jackie Brown, the 3rd movie of the director released in 1997. In this movie we follow the story of Jackie Brown ( played by Pam Grier) a flight attendant who gone be mixed with drug and money trafic. The Character of Jackie is an independent woman who gone participate and exit winner of a gangster story a thing which was reserved for the men before. In the movie she doesn’t fear use a weapon, transport drug or rip off a dangerous criminal ( played by Samuel.L.Jackson ). With this movie Tarantino offer a new place for the woman in the movie story, new roles that were rarely given before. We can quote Once upon a time in America of Sergio Leone or Bonnie and Clyde of Arthur Penn which let a place for the women in the gangster cinema but in this movies the women needs a man.

In a second time we gone talk of two of his most famous movie Kill Bill Vol 1 and Vol 2 released in 2003 and 2004. In these two movies we follow Beatrix Kido ( played by Uma Thurman ) who after having been hurt and let for dead by the organisation of killer for who she worked the day of her weeding decide to revenge. In these movies she will hunt and kill all the people who hurt her. Tarantino with Kill Bill does something important in the American cinema: he puts in a martial arts movie a women like first character. More than that if we analyse the character of Beatrix we discover a strong independent woman who doesn’t fear from kill or fight. It’s a badass woman. She’s accomplishes in all the areas: like a woman, like a wife, like a mother she’s perfect, it’s the symbol of the strong independent woman.

To finish with the question Tarantino feminist ? Even if we can’t say that (Weinstein Case and problems with Uma Thurman) we can affirm that Tarantino is one of the people who write the most interesting role for the women in the cinema, he doesn’t write a role for a woman, he write a role that’s all this role can be played by a man or a woman. We can also quote Lars Von Trier or Abellatif Kechiche who don’t write a role “for a woman”.

Benjamin Kaftandjian.

when the beauty community break the toxic masculinity

Youtube take the world by storme since its creation . Youtube is a social platform where you can post videos you just have to let your creativity talk.We can see that Makeup tutorials are the most are the most viewed videos as well as the most requested by the audience .Since 2015 we can see multiple women filming themselves and giving makeup advices but its 2019 and makeup are not only for woman .

Society constantly oppresses people no matter their genders , but now times have changed and man gets more and more confident about wearing makeup and some of them became role models for their young viewers who can finally identifies themselves to a person .

Jeffree Star:

Jeffree Star is an American Internet celebrity,beauty YouTuber, makeup artist, model, entrepreneur and singer-songwriter. Call Jeffree by any pronoms as you want because he or she doesn’t care of what gender people give it to him . The “Alien” as he likes to call himself become one of the first beauty influenceur who created his own makeup brand .Jeffree is not afraid to get outside with crazy makeup ,long haired wigs , balmin dresses ,any high end high heels and limited editons designer bags .

James Charles :

James Charles is an Americain Internet personality,beauty YouTuber, and make-up artist.James is one of the youngest beauty guru on youtube at only 19 years old he became a real model for his fans that gives him love and support from all over the world . Bullied for wearing makeup in high school he decides to turn the situation to his advantage and his hard work will finally pay off in 2016 when he becomes the first male ambassador for CoverGirl .

We can talk about many others like Nikita Dragun a trangender woman , Many MUA and also Patrick Srar who have the beauty community in their hands .The world finally open it eyes on man being able to wearing makeup its a big change in this patriarchal society boys can express themself and be confident wearing makeup like woman do .

Noemie Lefèvre

Natural woman ​blog



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These cosmetic products sounds like a dream but do you really know their composition and the commercial purpose ?

Irritating, allergenic and toxicity are the mains dangers, but the only purpose is to make money.

Many women spend a lot of money in terms of makeup but in reality they damage their skin. They are doing unnecessary expenses.

Many men want women to have a beautiful pink mouth, many men want women to have a beautiful complexion, many men want women to be like this or like that but ladies : you should do anything you want and only for yourselves.

Is makeup mandatory ?

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You have to know that you are beautiful without makeup, you don’t need makeup to be radiant. You are beautiful without makeup !

And I have good news for you, you can believe in yourselves even without makeup and especially without damaging your skin. The secret is : NA-TU-RAL PRODUCTS

Olive oil, avocado, coffee grounds, tea bag… Yes ladies, as you can see it’s very simple, these products are use for everyday life.  

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Afficher l’image source

Here, you going to find a lot of tricks. First of all, If you want to have a beautiful complexion it  is simple. You have to put avocado on your face every 15 days, like a scrub because it is nourishing, moisturizing and it is also a natural anti-ageing.

If you want to have great eyelashes, the perfect eyebrows and beautiful hair, the main ingredient you need is aloe vera. It will hydrate, strengthen, purify and accelerate your hair growth.

To have a great mouth and a gloss effect, there is one thing you need : shea butter, renowned for his qualities nourishing and moisturizing.  

The recipe of the day is for mascara :

two spoon of coconut oil tea

four spoon of Aloe Vera gel

1/2 spoon of grated bee wax

1-2 capsules of activated charcoal (for black) or cocoa powder (for Brown)

a clean mascara container

  1. Put coconut oil, Aloe Vera gel, and grated bee wax in a small saucepan over low heat. Stir until beeswax is completely melted.

2. Open 1-2 activated carbon capsules (depending on the desired color, about 1/4 to 1/2 c) And pour into the oil mixture. Stir until fully incorporated. Remove from the fire.

3. Pour it into a small plastic bag, push the mixture down to reach a corner. Then cut a very small hole in the corner of the bag.

4. Bend the opposite corner gently until the mascara begins to come out and push (always very gently) into the empty mascara tube. (It’s much easier if you have a pair of hands nearby to keep the tube in place!) Make sure the tip goes far enough into the tube otherwise you may spill everything on your hands and next door!

5. keep the small hole securely in the tube. Start pressing the mascara mixture toward the tube. Do not go too fast or it will come out of a shot and it’ll be difficult to manage.

Well, you are finally already to sparkle and shine,don’t forget your natural beauty aaaand Let’s go Girls !

Bessy Ardenoy TL